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Supported hardware platforms

AFTER-MOUSE.COM is one of the first companies to offer multi-platform application development: a single application can be deployed on touch screens tables, laptops, tablet PCs, walls, Windows® Phone 7 cell phones and even on the web, thanks to Silverlight's touch capabilities!

Kinect™ for Windows

With Kinect™ for Windows, there's no need to touch a device, you just need to move your body: you are the controller!

Discover Kinect™ for Windows

3M Multi-Touch Displays

Supreme flexibility for all your multi-touch needs. Compatible with any hardware.

Discover 3M Multi-Touch Displays

Windows 8

A wide range of touch screen devices are available with Windows 7/8: tablet PCs, laptops, touch screens, walls, etc.

Discover Windows 7/8

AFTER-MOUSE.COM develops applications for Microsoft® Surface®, ASUS® Xtion PRO, Kinect™ and any touch screen device running Windows 7/8, without restriction. You acquire a single application that can be used on all supports, according to your needs. All configurations can be imagined! This means you can optimize your investment and see a rapid and dramatic return on your investment!

Sur un salon, en déplacement, en magasin ... Une application unique pour des supports multiples avec Windows 7/8